Wednesday, February 22, 2012


i love how neutrogenas rain bath body oil feels on my skin after a hot shower. its light weight ultra-hydrating and gives a loverly glow to the skin. It is especially fab in the winter time when our skin is oh so thirsty. it soaks right in without leaving a sticky residue and locknutris in moisture all day. it smells amazing...but they also have a fragrance free if you prefer:)

If you are loving the idea of hydrating body oils with glorious fragrances you must check out Jo Malone! They have a huge selection of elegant buildable body oils body creams cologne and more!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

rave reviews.

one of my girlfreinds was raving about this mascara the other day... so i decided to pick on up for myself ;)i tried it a while back and remember loving it.. but ill let you all know how i like it this time around!



Monday, February 6, 2012

sparkle and shine

in love with these sparkly-shiny-glittery-luxurious-creamy-mouse like eye shadows from Chanel. hehe

long wear easy to blend with either your finger or a brush.... i have the color Illusoire (soft greyish plum)... but im dreaming of the white dimond like one called Fantasme.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

my lip gloss in poppin

i love lip plumper. i like the little tingle and smooth pouty look it gives the lips. hehe

i did hear that they are reformulating it so it has the same all natural claim as the rest of the product line.. but im a little concerned.. i hope it is relaunched and just as amazing as it currently is... annoying.

my must have is the color Dani... its a pale sheer blue pink. cute as a button.

boot scoop and boogy

so as some of you know when i have some down time from weddings i freelance for various cosmetic companies. one being NARS. i got my hands on some samples of their new tinted moisturizer before it came out a few weeks ago.. and im here to tell you the boot scoop and boogy on it.

a. im obsessed.
b. Love.
C. yep.
d. apparently its only available at Nordstrom.

my experience with this new tinted moisturizer has been nothing but positive.

many times with other tinted moisturizers my normal to dry skin just soaks up settles in my smile lines

but NOt this one! NARS new tinted moisturizer with spf and skin brightening technology lefts my skin feeling natural plump and silky soft... yep.

you can either war it by itself

or add a touch of concealer under your eyes and or where ever you want a titch of added coverage.

a little blush on the apples of your cheeks. a curl of the lashes and coat of mascara and your off.

color me pretty

im obsessed with changing my nail color.... even if i get gel polish and my nails look great... i get so sick of looking at the same color on my fingers that i find myself painting over it or peeling it off (ahh whyyyy?!) anyways...its been about a week and a half since my last manicure... and well... lets just say i thought the color got old...or did it? well... so its gone. im thinking about trying this ^ on my nails.. i hope they can do it in get polish so it stays shiny and pretty for a week or so;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My amazing new lash extensions from my lo-love!!

Oops... I might be addicted!!!

How sweet it is ;)

check out the blog my adorable client michelle wrote! its about her experiance with tina beaupre makeup artistry... loves her loves it ;)


Friday, January 27, 2012

Preparation is KEY

It has recently been pointed out to me that i have been slacking/ been absent From my blog... Sorry:/
I recently was fortunate enough to excape the cold minnesota winter over the holidays and spnt some quatity time with my best friend and boyfriend in costa rica... Yes paradise..

When i was there i wanted to wear little to no makeup

Beofore i left town i went to see my favorite estie Sonja boatman...she always keeps it real.. Skin and eyebrow guru.

Things on my to do list:

Eye lash tint- i like the blue black tint best it's the darkest.... No need for mascara... Just a quick curl and oval.. Hello bright eyes!

Eye brow tint- my hair is a titch darker than my brows so i figured i would try this out so i wouldn't have to worry about filling in my brows every day... Brows can make a huge difference on a face...when matching a brow pencil or powder choose a shade two shades lighter than your brow hairs and more of a cool tone so they don't get too orage or red looking.....blondes should go slightly darker than their hair color.. Most dirty blomde or ash colors work great for you. Brows can really frame the face and pop the eyes.

Brow wax- just a clean up the strays.... I Ike a natural looking brow.

Facial... A must for me to keep my complexion in shape... Sonja always gives me tips on how to keep my skin clear... I'm always finding new skin care to add to my daily routine. Proper skincare leads to a great complexion.. Which leads to a perfect canvas for any makeup application ;)

These are a few things that you can do every month to keep a fresh face.... They make you feel fresh and pulled together in your bare naked face;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Costume makeup and sweets...

Two of the greatest things ever if u ask me!!

So..What's everyone being for Halloween?!?
For me it's a toss up... Todlers in tiaras girl, little red riding hood, wonder woman... The list goes on... I have also heard a ton of other great ideas... Black swan... That would be awesome makeup!! Olive Oil from Popeye, maralin Monroe - classic, white trash haha ( my mom is totally dressing up at this...shocker) spartin cheerleaders, hot dog...One year mg friends when at troll dolls... I'm still obsessed! Hahah love it all!!

This time of year being a makeup artist is SO fun!!

If anyone needs help creating the most party perfect Halloween look this year I have a couple spots still available Friday Sunday and Monday!

Or 952-250-9583